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EMK_5925web-noresize-1-300x199 THE MULTICULTURAL MIND OF AGA Elina Photography

Aga was concerned that bringing up her children in the UK would mean they will not learn her mother tongue Polish properly. Wanting to broaden their options, she set up Polish Educational Club in Kent as a platform to bring together native speakers, to support the development of the language skills of the young.
But what’s the big deal about language? Aga feels strongly that bringing a child up bilingual broadens their mind and expands their intellectual capacity, thereby enhancing their perspective of the world. It also celebrates their historical, cultural heritage. Since the Polish school was established, the student number has increased from an initial eight to over 30. Aga has funded the school by securing grants, and the parents of the children add to the pot with a monthly contribution. The lessons are run by qualified teachers, and the tuition follows an adapted Polish curriculum which is implemented through innovative methods. A distinctive feature of the lessons is a big plate of fruit laid on the table, and not a biscuit or crisp packet in view. The children are taught about the importance of vegetables, and junk food and sugary snacks are discouraged on the school premises. ‘Using sweets to reward a child creates a completely faulty association in the brain’ Aga notes.

When asked what she loves the most about the school Aga laughs; ‘My favourite thing is playing with the kids and having fun. I love teaching through play, and the feeling of making a difference. I am lucky to have nice and well behaved children, because if I did not, I would be in trouble. Disciplining children is not my strong point!’

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