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EMK_0107web-300x200 SUOMI, FINLAND Elina Photography

August came, and we headed north. This time the trip was to Finland, my motherland, which became the imminent destination when I realised a whole year had passed since my last visit. The Spanish boy was coming with me, and I told him to pack some extra clothes since you never know what the weather is going to give you. Especially if you are Spanish.  

We flew out of Heathrow, directly into Helsinki. We weren’t staying there long, because no good Finn stays in town during the summer months. We were going to travel even further North-East to see my parents, where they held camp at our summer house. My engineer father had been hard at work, under the creative direction of my mother.  Since my last visit a renovated, extended log cabin had appeared. We were very pleased with our place of rest for the week.


Life was good in the forest. We fished, went to the sauna, drank beer and swam in the lake. It was my first real holiday in a year, and I really couldn’t have been any more relaxed or peaceful  – after a whole summer of intense wedding photography, a break was well deserved. I was sleeping like a baby in the pine forest, and Spanish man looked happy (and warm) too.

Being on holiday obviously didn’t put me off my camera, quite the contrary. There are more photos to share than anyone would care to look at. After a good stint in the forest, we headed back to Helsinki to hang out with my little sister, and to visit Flow Festival. Needless to say there was way too much party on the Friday, so I spent Saturday and Sunday being virtuous and healing my old bones. Finland is beautiful – and there’s no place like the summer house where my soul rests after a year’s push. I came back to the UK grateful and happy to have seen my family.

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