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EMK_0361web-noresize-300x200 LIFESTYLE PRODUCT SHOOT Elina Photography

The end of the week highlight was a shoot with Hydratem8, who had made a booking specifically for the purpose of creating social media content to support the marketing campaign of their product. The brief from the client was short, but the intention was clear; to create eye catching, interesting web content through imagery.  

The client had requested photography with the product only, but in addition to taking some classic product shots I set out on a lifestyle shoot to create extra images which I knew would be useful for the requested purpose. A few calls, and I had recruited a willing model, and we set out to the woods with the bottles. The only instruction to the model was to wear stylish sport gear – the rest of the magic would come to life on site.


It was cold, so our fingers and toes were frosty fast. The early morning joggers and enthusiasts were watching with curiosity, wondering what exactly we were up to. We played out various scenarios, to make the setting of the photos believable and natural, and captured some strong shots fairly fast.

I set out to create a good bulk of images the client could use for his social media feed, allowing variety in posts but maintaining high quality. The client was very pleased with the end product – another happy customer!

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