Normanton Church, Rutland

– Age is a number –

Age Is a Number


Age is a number, and nothing but, came clear while spending time with this wonderful couple. At the fine age of 70, Trish and Geoff tied the knot. They celebrated the day with joy, and full of energy. Trish’s son had made the journey across the Pacific Ocean all the way from New Zealand, to walk his mother down the isle. Trish, always with a smile on her face, looked beaming. With a strict request for no posed photography, the newly weds agreed to take a stroll down to the water. This was my moment to capture some lovely shots from further away, as the love birds stopped for a snuggle. After the ceremony, celebrations continued with plenty of wine and delicious food. The wedding venue overlooked the lake and the crisp October air carried the party into the night.

Normanton Church


Trish and Geoff’s wedding took place at Normanton Church. In 1970, the area was intentionally flooded to create a reservoir for Gwash valley in Rutland. At the time, the partially submerged church was scheduled for demolition, but the general public protested and ultimately a solution was reached where the bottom of the church was filled with rubble and sealed off, and the top taken into use as a church. In addition, an embankment was constructed around the building and a causeway built, connecting the church to the nearby shore. A beautiful wedding at a truly beautiful location. It was very special to be a part of the day, congratulations  Trish and Geoff,  for your marriage!