Amy & Will

Woolacombe, Devon

– LOTR –

LOTR: Lord of the Rings


Amy and Will’s Lord of the Rings Wedding (LOTR) really was something special! I loved the arrows and bows, the elf ears and Gandalf on a white horse! The bride and the groom showed up in full costume, and appropriately, a hawk was the ring bearer. Since the ceremony took place on a pontoon at the back of the pond, Amy hopped on to a beautiful custom made boat to make the magical trip to her husband, elf – to be. The most noteworthy prop at the wedding was the Eye of Sauron, or perhaps the Elf Bar – it’s hard to say, you really have to scroll down and look for yourself!



Because of the epic theme, Caters News rang and asked if they could use the photos. Amy and Will granted permission, and one after the other, the photos were in the news. Almost a year later and the images are still popping up in new publications, so it’s safe to say they truly were a best seller. Seems like it was only yesterday I waved at Gandalf on his white horse. Amy and Will are probably feeling rather famous by now! The coverage really was something, appearing in the Daily MailNorth Devon Gazette, Honeybrides, Design Your Trust, Bored Panda, The Love Journals, and the New York Daily News and!