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Dogs, who doesn’t like pictures of dogs? I always try to include some of my personal images in this blog, and you can’t go wrong with pictures of cute animals. We popped over to Madrid for a weekend, to visit my partner’s family. I have a suspicion it was seeing Bobby, the beloved dog of my special Spanish friend, which was the driving force behind our excursion.  

In and out of Stansted, we were in Spain before I knew it, chowing down a Spanish omelette and carving some delicious ‘jamon’ off the bone. I had packed both of my Nikon D750’s with me, which seemed excessive for the purpose of some weekend holiday shots…until the shutter of one of the camera’s packed in (again!). I was glad I had brought the back-up camera with me.


But back to the dogs. We drove to visit a friend just outside madrid, who had a lovely bunch of dogs living with him on his huge piece of land. We made lunch together, chopping up a whole load of vegetables into a salad and for roasting. The weather was sunny, but not too hot which was fine by me as I am not a fan of much heat anyway, it’s no good for my Finnish bones.

The doggies were super cute, albeit a little bit loud. There was a lot of barking going on to say the least. One of the trouble makers made a go at Bobby during our luncheon, almost tipping the table over in a fierce dual over a fallen piece of avocado. Oh the dog life! Poor Bobby had a gaping wound on his foot as a result, and the naughty, avocado-loving rebel was sent into the house to learn his lesson, spending the rest of the afternoon repenting his deeds, looking at our picnic through the window.  It was my first time in Madrid, and I had a great time feasting and enjoying the sunshine…taking pictures a-plenty with my surviving D750.

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