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EMK_6808web-noresize-300x200 LUCY’S LOVE FOR YOGA Elina Photography

‘Yoga means unity,’ Lucy explains in thought. ‘There’s much more to it than stretching; it is an aspiration towards a sense of wholeness within, which helps create a deeper connection with everything around you.’ Lucy is passionate about meaningful human relationships and the environment, and her yoga practice supports her quest for mindful living. ‘The anatomical basis of yoga fascinates me, and the psychological aspects inspire me’, Lucy explains. Her weekly practice is that of Scaravelli-inspired inner yoga, which is a mindful practice that works to free the spine whilst strengthening the core muscles. The movements which can be minor are powerful. ‘My yoga teacher is immensely dedicated to the practice and a huge inspiration to me. At the end of each class, you can’t help but feel like, that’s it, that’s what it’s all about’ Lucy says.

‘When you are fully present, you are naturally grateful. The more frequently I practice yoga, the more accessible that place becomes.’


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