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EMK_6037web-300x200 LAZY SUNDAYS Elina Photography

Sundays are all about the easy living. Well, unless you’re booked for a shoot of course, but I wasn’t this Sunday. I took my loyal Nikon with me, when we headed to my favourite coffee shop Waterlane, in Canterbury. My preferred lens at the moment is definitely still the 50mm, f1.4. So light, small and crisp – what’s there not to like? 

When you have coffee at Waterlane, you can’t just have one. You need to invest in the experience, and support it with cake and condiments, naturally. The service was excellent as usual and we indulged in some special beaker coffees (they’re not called that), followed up with some lovely americanos. Every penny well spent!


We must have spent a good two hours sipping our coffee and pondering life. It was busy in the coffee shop, but we managed to get a seat. Obviously, I had my camera in hand, and luckily I was in good and patient company and there were no objections to my obsession. It’s so nice to take photos for yourself on a day off.  As much as I love all bookings, there is no pressure when you are just shooting for fun. I think it’s important to always have personal projects; it’s great for keeping the creative eye awake. I especially like the challenge of setting yourself in a somewhat mundane everyday situation, and creating an exciting collection of the experience. I think it’s good practice and beckons you to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. It works for me anyway, and I feel so happy after doing it!

After Waterlane, our Sunday lounging continued. We had lunch at Boho (not good at all, note to self, only drink beer at Boho). And as if we hadn’t had enough cafe action, we continued to The Chocolate Cafe, and ordered some more treats; my favourite is their selection of teas. You get a flower in a glass tea pot and it opens slowly while you wait for the tea to brew. As a lover of aesthetics, this tickles not only my tastebuds and warms and sooth my belly – but I’m also in for a visual treat every time I have my coffee 🙂 On that note, to many more lazy Sundays to come – love!

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