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New beginnings

EMK_9238web-noresize-1-300x200 New beginnings Elina Photography

The great thing about photography is the range of photo shoots and situation that you get to be a part of. The camera as your companion, you are invited behind closed doors you would not otherwise wander through, and you find the most extraordinary people and moments.  

A the very end of year 2015, I was booked to photograph this beautiful little bundle who had showed up five weeks early, to the surprise of mommy and daddy. But no fuss, she was doing just fine and both parents looked very pleased. The little lady was an easy customer and natural model during the shoot.


The heat was turned up in the house in preparation for the shoot to make sure that the baby wasn’t going to face the cold in little garments, so I was feeling hot as soon as I arrived. That, or it was my heart melting as I encountered the cutie pie who photographed like a dream, as evident from the pictures. I loved the photos so much, I ended up editing more images than intended and the client went away happy with some extras!

Concentrating on weddings and events the majority of my time, it had been a while since my last baby shoot – but I was reminded of the delight, which photographing a newborn can be. It was a lovely shoot to bring year 2015 to a finish with, and prepare for the new beginning of 2016. Wishing a happy new year, to one and all – may year 2016 be the year for following your heart.

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