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In the studio

EMK_0826web In the studio Elina Photography

There is nothing that reaches out like a strong image. No words: just the look, and an impression. That’s the reason why photography is such a powerful tool for marketing, promotions and for making an online presence.  It’s an invaluable messenger in running a successful business in today’s cyber climate. 

Karuna, a London based food photographer hired me to create imagery which she could use both for the purpose of updating her website, but also on her various social media pages. We set out to create striking, captivating photographs of her as a personality, a creative, and a business woman.


Usually, it takes a few breaths to warm up and get things going. Same was the case with Karuna’s portrait, but before we knew it we were in full flow and the money shots were in my Nikon D750. I used my 50 mm, f 1.4  lens for the portrait for which it is perfect; the glass is sharp, the image is clean and clear.

The images of Karuna turned out beautiful, serious, practical and playful – depicting the different sides of Karuna as a person, an artist, and a professional. Karuna walked away with some great online content including a new striking profile picture for the world to see. And as if we hadn’t made our mark with the intended shots, we took some great pictures of her handsome flatmate too who showed up at the studio – just for fun – because having fun is almost as important as producing top quality images!

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