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EMK_2197web-noresize-300x200 FITNESS WITH PETER Elina Photography

‘I notice such a difference if I don’t have enough fruit and veg. You feel better when you’re eating and exercising right.’

Peter has a real passion for health and well being, which is why he is setting up a business as a personal trainer, with the intention of supporting others in the pursuit of weight loss and a healthier life. The goal is to influence thought surrounding food and exercise.  ‘Many people aren’t taught how to eat well, or inspired to cook when they’re growing up. They go onto spending money on weight-loss fads, and using yo-yo dieting as a solution. It’s crazy.’ Peter’s agenda is to ease each client into a rewarding and achievable training program,  backed up with some common sense advice on food. ‘The idea is to make good choices more accessible’ Peter says, adding that sometimes a little support goes a long way. ‘What I love the most is motivating people to make a positive change, and watching them reshape their life and lose weight. Eating well and being in good shape mean so much in terms of quality of life, and happiness’.



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