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My name is Elina, thank you for visiting my page. I’ve been a photographer since 2006, specialising in weddings and commercial work since 2010. I think of photography as a language, and I am here to tell a story with my images.

EMK_9063web-noresize-300x200 HELLO, NICE TO MEET YOU Elina Photography

EMK_9065web-noresize-300x200 HELLO, NICE TO MEET YOU Elina Photography

EMK_9067web-noresize-300x200 HELLO, NICE TO MEET YOU Elina Photography


If you ask me where I am from I will tell you that my passport says ‘Finland’, but England is what I call home. I grew up moving around and studied in international schools surrounded by people from all over the world. My upbringing has left me with an open mind, a taste for adventure and the love for interacting with people from all walks of life. These qualities have been influential in my path to professional photography, which I think of as an observational art. I also consider myself as fully integrated to English culture, with thank you’s and please’s a-plenty!


I think photos should always be creative, never boring or dull. I believe that you can find magic in every setting you photograph if you know how to connect with it. I always follow my intuition in capturing my subject matter and never stick to rules for the sake of it. I think this is reflected in my editing and final collections, and also what my clients really love. In addition to creative excellence, I place a high value on technical precision; I think as a client you should expect nothing less from a professional photographer.


My reason for becoming a photographer is simple: I love photography. I strongly believe that when people follow their heart and passions they are happier and more able to produce their best work – whatever it is that they are doing. In fact I feel so strongly about it, I have dedicated a whole blog to celebrating the concept (just for fun, because having fun is really important too). You can read it here: Do What You Love. Happy people make the world a better place for everyone to be in.


So now you know a little bit about who I am. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through my website. I would love to hear from you and answer any remaining questions you may have. I am currently based in Bishops Stortford, right next to London and 6 miles from Stansted airport, available to travel anywhere in the world. You can say hello and get in touch with me here.


I create unique, creative images for each client which stand out – always in natural, documentary style capture. My journalistic approach is the thread which carries through all my work. I love to tell a story with each collection I create, and I aim to produce images which take you to the moment. My service is always carefully thought out to meet each client’s needs.


I have an eye for detail and I love all things creative. On my free time you’ll most likely find me drawing, sewing, knitting or refurbishing a new piece of furniture. I love cooking, and because of my passion for vegetables, I am a part-time vegan and rarely eat meat or dairy. I also love plants…so much so that the Nordic decor of my home is slowly transforming into something resembling a greenhouse. I’m very active and I love exercise, travelling, and meeting new, interesting people. And red wine – did I mention I love red wine? Being alive is a wonderful thing.


In addition to working as a professional photographer, I have worked as a Co-ordinator of Photography for several UK festivals. The role entails the creative direction and management of a team of photographers, press liaison and web content management of the event by distributing high-quality images produced by the team via different social media platforms.  I currently hold a permanent position as the Co-ordinator of Photography with Looe Music Festival, a lovely end of the summer festival in Looe, Cornwall. The event is one of the highlights of my year because of the amazing team I get to work with and the magical location!